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  1. Due to the complication of processing, the initial approach to the biorefinery of woody biomass was focusing on a first step turning solids into processable liquids, i.e., onto the production of so-called biocrude oils ( e.g., pyrolysis oils, hydrothermally derived oils), which are being already commercialized by a number of companies around the world (see for instance Licella Ltd). However, these bio-oils are not really competitive if the final goal is the valorization into higher products, e.g., building blocks and functional molecules. The here advised selective generation of fine and platform chemicals has proven much more demanding and troublesome from a technical point of view. Due to the high heterogeneity of biomass, any process aimed at biomass deconstruction into its monomers acts on all of the components at any one time generating often broad mixtures of compounds. The cost of separating the components of these mixtures has been one of the major drawbacks of such approaches. Hence, the development of more selective methodologies for the deconstruction of lignocellulose and the separation of its constituents is of crucial importance.

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